History – Appendix 5

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School Plays

By the School’s official reckoning the first Shakespearean production was Richard II in 1908. This is puzzling because, according to the local press The Merchant of Venice was presented before Christmas in 1907 and repeated in the new year to raise funds for Willesden Hospital.

Year Play Produced by
1908 Richard II
1909 JuIius Caesar
1910 Henry IV pt I J Ware
1911 The Taming of the Shrew J Ware
1912 The Merchant of Venice J Ware
1913 Twelfth Night J Ware
1914 Macbeth J Ware
1915 The Tempest J Ware
1916 Henry V J Ware
1917 King Lear J Ware
1918 Twelfth Night B M Bazley
1919 Love’s Labour’s Lost J Lodge
1920 All’s Well that Ends Well J Lodge
1921 Two Gentlemen of Verona J Lodge
1922 Coriolanus J Lodge
1923 Hamlet J Lodge
1924 The Comedy of Errors J Lodge
1925 Much Ado About Nothing H E Gould
1926 Romeo and JuIiet H E Gould
1927 Richard II H E Gould
1928 Othello H E Gould
1929 As You Like It H E Gould
1930 Macbeth H E Gould
1931 JuIius Caesar H E Gould
1932 Henry IV pt I H E Gould
1933 The Merchant of Venice R Whitmore
1934 The Tempest H A Peter
1935 Richard III HA Peter
1936 The Winter’s Tale H A Peter
1937 A Midsummer Night’s Dream H A Peter
1938 Antony and Cleopatra H A Peter
1940 Much Ado About Nothing H A Peter
1940 Henry IV pt I H A Peter
1942 Henry V H A Peter
1944 Julius Caesar E C Pettet
1946 The Taming of the Shrew E C Pettet
1946 Twelfth Night E C Pettet
1947 Romeo and Juliet W Thorp
1948 Much Ado About Nothing
1949 Macbeth M W Figgis
1950 The Tempest P K Wright
1951 Henry IV pt I P K Wright
1952 As You Like It P K Wright
1953 The Taming of the Shrew P K Wright
1954 Henry IV pt II P K Wright
1955 Coriolanus P K Wright
1956 Hamlet P K Wright
1957 Love’s Labour’s Lost P K Wright
1959 Twelfth Night J E Kerry
1959 Henry IV pt I J E Kerry
1961 Oedipus Rex A B M Fell
1962 An Enemy of the People D Holder
1962 Henry V A B M Fell
1963 The Government Inspector D Holder
1964 Henry IV pt II J Bailey
1965 The Knight of the Burning Pestle J Bailey
1966 Cymbeline I D M Morely

Much Ado About Nothing 1948, was abandoned by the original producer and seen on to the stage by Gould and Whitmore!

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