History – Appendix 3

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Speech Days – Principal Speakers

From 1899 until 1908 Speech Day was held in July; thereafter it was almost always in the Michaelmas term, until 1964 and 1965, when it took place in February.

1899 Irwin B Cox MP
1900 Rt Rev Mandell Creighton Bishop of London
1901 Dr J S Crone Chairman Willesden Urban District Council
1902 Rt Rev A F Winnington Ingram Bishop of London
1903 G A Sexton Chairman Willesden Urban District Council
1904 Curtis Price JP
1905 Hon W R N Peel
1906 Sir John Puleston JP HM Lieutenant for the City of London
1907 Cty Alderman W Regester Chairman Middlesex Education Committee
1908 Cty Alderman Sir Ralph Littler Chairman Middlesex County Council
1909 Sir James Yoxall MP General Secretary National Union of Teachers
1911 Montagu Sharpe Chairman Middlesex Quarter Sessions
1912 Rev H G Bonavia Hunt
1913 Rt Rev W W Perrin Bishop of Willesden
1915 Rt Rev A F Winnington Ingram Bishop of London
1919 Cty Alderman C F De Salis Chairman Middlesex County Council
1920 Lt CoL Charles Pinkham MP
1921 Rev J Costley-White Headmaster Westminster School
1922 Mrs Bonavia Hunt
1923 Mrs Luke
1924 Lt CoL the Hon G F Stanley MP
1925 Mrs Bonavia Hunt
1926 Lt CoL the Hon G F Stanley MP
1927 Cty Alderman Lt. CoL Charles Pinkham JP Chairman Middlesex County Council
1928 Major T Worswick Director of Education Regent Street Polytechnic
1929 Sir Kynaston Studd (Former) Lord Mayor of London
1930 Sir Francis Goodenough Chairman Gas Light and Coke Company
1931 Cty Alderman Sir William Prescott
1932 Sir Percival Sharp (Former) Director of Education Sheffield
1933 Alderman H G Hiscocks JP Mayor of Willesden
1934 H Spencer Jones Astronomer Royal
1935 Rt Rev G Vernon Smith Bishop of Willesden
1936 Hon Lily Montague
1937 Rt Rev A F Winnington Ingram Bishop of London
1938 Dr Coode Adams Principal Faraday House College London
1948 C B Thurston (Former) Headmaster Isleworth County School
1949 F R Poskitt * Headmaster Bolton School
1950 Denis Richards Principal Morely College London
1951 Sir Graham Sharpe Chief Education Officer London County Council
1952 Dr Eric James High Master Manchester Grammar School
1953 J F Wolfenden Vice-Chancellor Reading University
1954 Nigel Balchin
1955 J W Blake* Professor of History Keele University
1956 Bernard Miles
1957 J A Camacho* British Broadcasting Corporation
1958 Leslie Hale MP
1959 G R Matthew MP
1960 K L Fawdry British Broadcasting Corporation
1961 John Beavan Editor “Daily Herald”
1962 E M Potts* Headmaster Hendon County School
1964 Kenneth Adam British Broadcasting Corporation
1965 Rt Rev Graham Leonard Bishop of Willesden

* Old Boy of the School

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