History of Kilburn Grammar School

History of Kilburn Grammar School

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This web edition of the School’s history has been compiled and adapted from Richard Brock’s original history published in 1985 and it incorporates amendments and corrections subsequently made or acknowledged by Brock in Association Newsletters together with additional photographs, which have subsequently become available, to illustrate the text.

A (large) PDF version of the original book can be downloaded via the following link:
History of the Kilburn Grammar School (PDF)

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Introduction and Foreword
Chapter 1 Evan Evans 1897 – 1909
Chapter 2 Wilfrid Bonavia Hunt 1910 – 1925
Chapter 3 James McLeish 1925 – 1932
Chapter 4 H D Anthony 1933 – 1939
Chapter 5 Acting Headmasters
J Westbury
W G Bowden
1939 – 1942
1942 – 1948
Chapter 6 David Williams 1949 – 1967
Chapter 7 Epilogue
Roll of Honour “Pro Patria”
Appendices Head Boys 1898 -1968
Staff 1897-1967
Speech Days – Principal Speakers
The House Championship
School Plays