As a small member organisation we are obliged to make a statement about this Law and how it affects individual members.

We therefore state that:

  1. Members of the Kilburn Grammar School Old Boys’ Association have given their contact details to the Hon Registrar.
  2. These details are stored on the Association’s database which is maintained by the Hon Registrar.
  3. All information stored on the Association’s database is for the Association’s sole use.
  4. No information is ever released to a third party unless it is required by Law.
  5. The Association regularly produces Newsletters and other communications which are shared with all members.
  6. When anyone ceases to be a member, any information which that member had provided will be retained in the Association’s historical records.
  7. All members have “the right to be forgotten” and there will be no further communications with that member if the Hon Registrar is informed.
  8. All information stored on the Association’s website has been recorded with the permission of the member and this can be accessed only by other members of the Association.
  9. As a not-for-profit organisation, any processing of data will be carried out in the legitimate activities of the Kilburn Grammar School Old Boy’s Association on condition that it relates solely to its members or former members.

Anyone requiring more information about the Data Protection Act 2018 or its application to the OBA should contact the Hon Secretary.
Mr Steve Griffiths