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Archive TitleArchive Items
A0001Action PhotographsShow details >
Rugby UpdatedPDF
A0003Brent Youth Symphony OrchestraShow details >
Concert at Brent Town Hall featuring Malcolm Williamson's 5th SymphonyPDF
A0004Chirgwin, Rosemary and EddieShow details >
Photographs of Rosemary and Eddie ChirgwinPDF
A0005Church ServicesShow details >
Annual Service at St Mary's Willesden in 1996PDF
Carol Service programme for an unspecified yearPDF
Centenary Service at St Anne's Church Brondesbury in 2019PDF
Founders Day Service at Christ Church in 1953PDF
Thanksgiving Service at St Mary's Willesden in 1985 PDF
A0006ConcertsShow details >
A Musical Evening 1969PDF
Concert programme for an unspecified yearPDF
Concert with BKHS 1963PDF
Easter Concert 1955PDF
Easter Concert 1957PDF
Easter Concert 1960PDF
Easter Concert with BKHS 1966PDF
House Music Festival 1957PDF
A0008Cycling ClubShow details >
The story of the KGS Cycling ClubPDF
Members of the Cycling ClubPDF
A0009DemolitionShow details >
Demoliition and local photographsPDF
A0010Form PhotographsShow details >
The year 1933 saw the production of class photographs. These were put into small folders measuring 6 3/4 inches by 4 1/4 inches which were held shut with a metal press stud. These are the photographs from these folders.PDF
Various forms from 1899 to 1952PDF
A0011Head BoysShow details >
Head Boys from 1913 to 1969 with photographsPDF
A0012HeadmastersShow details >
Headmasters from 1887 to 1967 with photographsPDF
A0013History of DramaShow details >

The History of Drama at KGS 1952 to 1960

Full version (large PDF)PDF
Part 1 - December 1952 to July 1956PDF
Part 2 - December 1956 to April 1957PDF
Part 3 - December 1957 to 1960PDF
A0014History of the SchoolShow details >

A History of the Kilburn Grammar School (1897 - 1967)

Adapted from the book of the same name by Richard E. Brock, written in 1985.PDF
Fifty years of school life from 1898 to 1948PDF
Ten years of school life from 1948 to 1958PDF
Historical facts from 1887 to 1969PDF

KGS History in Brent Archives

Based in the Willesden Library Complex, the Brent Archives retain a considerable amount of memorabilia relevant to both Kilburn Grammar School and the Old Boys' Association. Much of it is on permanent display on the first floor of the library.PDF
A0015Hockey ClubShow details >
History of the Old Creightonians' Hockey ClubPDF
A0016House ChampionshipsShow details >
A list of the House Championships from 1911 to 1967PDF
A0017Inter-Schools SportsShow details >
The programme from the Inter-Schools Sports event at White City Stadium in July 1956.PDF
A0018KilburniansShow details >
A list of Kilburnians from 1910 to 1969PDF
The last Kilburnian published in 1973PDF
A0040Miscellaneous PhotographsShow details >
Various Buildings and RoomsPDF
Various EventsPDF
Various General UpdatedPDF
Various GroupsPDF
Various OutingsPDF
Various PeoplePDF
A0020Newspaper CuttingsShow details >
Various cuttings from various newspapers on varous subjectsPDF
A0046Notable AlumniShow details >

Link to the Wikipedia list of Notable KGS Alumni

The Wikipedia website contains a list of KGS boys who went on to make a name for themselves in their chosen careers, including broadcasters, artists, academics, lawyers and politicians, etc. This list is maintained by the Hon Secretary and will be updated periodically.LINK
A0021Prefects Group PhotographsShow details >
Photographs of various groups of prefects from 1935 to 1965PDF
A0022PrizegivingsShow details >
Principal Speakers at Speech Days from 1899 to 1965PDF
The programme for the Distribution of Prizes, November 1948PDF
A report about one of the last Speech DaysPDF
Fourth Form prize for J R Doggrel in 1937PDF
Speech Day Programme 1927PDF
Speech Day Programme 1928PDF
Speech Day Programme 1929PDF
Speech Day Programme 1930PDF
Speech Day Programme 1931PDF
Speech Day Programme 1932PDF
Speech Day Programme 1933PDF
Speech Day Programme 1934PDF
Speech Day Programme 1937PDF
Speech Day Programme 1955PDF
Speech Day Programme 1957PDF
Speech Day Programme 1958PDF
Speech Day Programme 1960PDF
Speech Day Programme 1964PDF
Speech Day Programme 1965PDF
A0023Professor Ronald CoaseShow details >
A copy of The Law School Record, a magazine from the University of Chicago Law School, featuring Professor Ronald Coase receiving the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1991.PDF
A0024ProspectusShow details >
A copy of the 1937 ProspectusPDF
A0045PublicationsShow details >
Bazaar 1936PDF
Grand Ball 1954PDF
Parents' Evening 1929PDF
Parents' Evening 1932PDF
A0026Rugby ClubShow details >
The History of the Old Creightonians' Rugby Club by Rodney MasonLINK
A Souvenir Programme from 1969PDF
Tables and Statistics from 1948/49 to 1973/74PDF
40th Anniversary 1948-1988 Display 1PDF
40th Anniversary 1948-1988 Display 2PDF
Winchester Tour 1988PDF
Newspaper cuttings used to create three postersPDF
Recruitment PosterPDF
Dinner and Dance in 1960 and 1983PDF
A0027School AchievementsShow details >
School achievements 1945PDF
School achievements 1957PDF
Athletics Bowles Cup winners in 1952PDF
A0041School JourneysShow details >
The handbook for the "Neuralia" Cruises, July and August 1933PDF
Switzerland 1951PDF
Concarneau 1955PDF
Concarneau / La Rochelle 1956PDF
Itineraries of the school journeys in 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1965PDF
Nevasa Cruise in 1965PDF
A0028School OfficersShow details >
School Officers from 1910-1940PDF
School Officers from 1941-1969PDF
A0043School PersonalitiesShow details >
The Revd Dr Henry Bonavia HuntPDF
The Revd Dr Wilfrid Bonavia HuntPDF
Evan EvansPDF
Bishop CreightonPDF
Mr James McLeishPDF
Mr James WestburyPDF
The Revd C H HughesPDF
Mr David WilliamsPDF
Mr W H WilliamsPDF
Mr H E GouldPDF
A0029School PhotographsShow details >
A section of one of the eight panoramic photographs which are available on the "Members Only" page.PDF
Three photographs of the whole school in 1923 and 1927-1928 and in 1945 at NorthamptonPDF
Harvist Road Primary School 1953 Class 3APDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1923PDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1929PDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1937PDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1940PDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1949PDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1955PDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1959PDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1962PDF
Panoramic photograph of the whole school in 1967PDF
A0030School PlaysShow details >
Complete list of School Plays from 1908 to 1966PDF
Eldorado 1954PDF
Nuts and Crackers Revue 1943 by E W RhodesPDF
A0042School Plays PhotographsShow details >
A Midsummer Night's Dream 1937PDF
A Winter's Tale 1936PDF
An Enemy of the People 1962PDF
As You Like It 1952PDF
Coriolanus 1955PDF
Hamlet 1923 and 1956PDF
Henry IV Part 1 1951 and 1959PDF
Henry IV Part 2 1955PDF
Henry V 1962PDF
Love's Labour's Lost 1957PDF
Macbeth 1949PDF
Oedipus Rex 1961PDF
The Knight of the Burning Pestle 1965PDF
The Merchant of Venice 1912PDF
The Taming of the Shrew 1953PDF
The Tempest 1934 and 1950PDF
Twelfth Night 1959PDF
Unknown PlaysPDF
A0031School ReportShow details >
A school report for Arthur Pratley in 1927PDF
A0032School SongShow details >
The School Song with tunes by Henry Bonavia Hunt and David Merlyn SmithPDF
A0044Sports ProgrammesShow details >
Athletic Sports 1930PDF
Athletic Sports 1931PDF
Athletic Sports 1932PDF
Athletic Sports 1933PDF
Athletic Sports 1934PDF
Athletic Sports 1935PDF
Athletic Sports 1953PDF
Athletic Sports 1954PDF
Athletic Sports 1955PDF
Athletic Sports 1956PDF
Athletic Sports 1957PDF
Athletic Sports 1958PDF
Athletic Sports 1959PDF
Athletic Sports 1960PDF
Athletic Sports 1961PDF
Cricket Fixtures 1934PDF
Swimming Sports 1933PDF
Swimming Sports 1934PDF
A0033Staff Group PhotographsShow details >
Photographs of staff groups from 1927 to 1965PDF
A0034Staff Individual PhotographsShow details >
Photographs of individual Headmasters and staff from 1933 to 1967PDF
A0035Team PhotographsShow details >
Athletics teams from 1937 to 1953PDF
Cricket teams from 1923 to 1965PDF
Football teams from 1907 to 1939PDF
Hockey teams from 1918 to 1967PDF
Rugby teams from 1940 to 1988 UpdatedPDF
Swimming team in 1939PDF
Tennis teams 1937 and 1947PDF
A0036The Association StoryShow details >
The History of the KGS OBAPDF
Inaugural General Meeting in 1919PDF
First Annual General Meeting in 1919PDF
A0037University PlacementsShow details >
University Placements as recorded on the Honours Boards - alphabetical orderPDF
University Placements as recorded on the Honours Boards - award year orderPDF
A0038War Records and Rolls of HonourShow details >

War Records 1914-1918

Introduction to the Roll of Honour by Peter Reder and Neville WrenchLINK
Roll of HonourLINK

War Records 1939-1945

Introduction to the Roll of Honour by Peter RederLINK
Roll of HonourLINK
Handwritten notes about 459 Old Boys as recorded by Cliff SymesPDF
Press cuttings compiled by Cliff SymesPDF

The Order of Service for the Dedication of the War Memorial 1948PDF
The War Years and later on - a personal reminiscence by Lawrence FentonPDF
A0039Youth House NorthamptonShow details >
News Sheet from Youth House Northampton, 1st December 1941PDF
M0001Chairmen of the AssociationShow details >
A list of the Chairmen of the Association from 1919 to the present dayPDF
M0002Form ListsShow details >
Form List 1932-1933PDF
Form List 1933-1934PDF
Form List 1934-1935PDF
Form List 1935-1936PDF
Form List 1936-1937PDF
Form List 1937-1938PDF
Form List 1938-1939PDF
Complete List showing names in alphabetical orderPDF
Form List 1953-1954PDF
Form List 1955-1956PDF
Form List 1957-1958PDF
Form List 1958-1959PDF
Form List 1959-1960PDF
Form List 1961-1962PDF
Form List 1966-1967PDF
M0003Lunches and DinnersShow details >
Photographs of the Old Boys' Dinner in 1948PDF
Photographs taken at the 1980 Annual DinnerPDF
Photographs taken at the 1981 Annual DinnerPDF
Photographs of Ron Jeffries at the 2012 Annual DinnerPDF
Photographs taken at the 2018 Annual LunchPDF
Photographs of Annual Dinners showing all attendeesPDF
40 photographs taken at various Annual Lunches and Dinners - Set 1PDF
40 photographs taken at various Annual Lunches and Dinners - Set 2PDF
40 photographs taken at various Annual Lunches and Dinners - Set 3PDF
40 photographs taken at various Annual Lunches and Dinners - Set 4PDF
10 photographs taken at various Annual Lunches and Dinners - Set 5PDF
Front covers of Annual Dinner programmes from 1926 to 2016PDF
M0004OBA OfficersShow details >
OBA Officers from 1922 to 1940PDF
OBA Officers from 1941 to 1966PDF
M0005BiographiesShow details >
Laurie IsraelPDF
M0006Obituaries and AppreciationsShow details >
Obituary for Richard BakerPDF
Obituary for Gerald BarnesPDF
Obituary for Charles Beedem NEWPDF
A Tribute to John Bull NEWPDF
Obituary for Vic CallaghanPDF
Obituary for Rosemary ChirgwinPDF
Obituary for Ron JeffriesPDF
Obituary for Daviid Merlyn SmithPDF
Obituary for Robert WhitmorePDF
Obituary for C V WilliamsPDF
Obituary for Brian WinstonPDF
Obituary and Appreciations for Don Woodman NEWPDF
Obituary for T. M. YarwoodPDF
Allan Isichei murder report for the London Metro newspaperPDF
M0007Sports GroundShow details >
Letters regarding the sports ground, 1960PDF