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Archive Item
Annual DinnersShow details >
Front covers of Annual Dinner menus 1975 to 2009PDF
Benevolent Fund and Cricket ClubShow details >
The Benevolent Fund and Old Creightonians’ Cricket Club History PDF
Chairmen of the AssociationShow details >
A list of the Chairmen of the Association from 1919 to the present day. PDF
Chirgwin, Rosemary and EddieShow details >
Photographs of Rosemary and Eddie Chirgwin PDF
Cycling ClubShow details >
The story of the KGS Cycling Club PDF
Final KilburnianShow details >
The final edition of the Kilburnian Magazine PDF
History of Drama at KGSShow details >

The History of Drama at KGS 1952 to 1960

Full version (large PDF) PDF
Part 1 - December 1952 to July 1956 PDF
Part 2 - December 1956 to April 1957 PDF
Part 3 - December 1957 to 1960 PDF
Appendix PDF
History of the SchoolShow details >

A History of the Kilburn Grammar School (1897 - 1967)

Adapted from the book of the same name by Richard E. Brock, written in 1985.

KGS History in Brent Archives

Based in the Willesden Library Complex, the Brent Archives retain a considerable amount of memorabilia relevant to both Kilburn Grammar School and the Old Boys’ Association.  Much of it is permanent display on the first floor of the library.
Hockey Club HistoryShow details >
History of the Old Creightonians’ Hockey Club PDF
Inter-Schools SportsShow details >
The programme from the Inter-Schools Sports event at White City Stadium in July 1956. PDF
Miscellaneous ItemsShow details >
Cricket (can be edited) LINK
Golf (can be edited) LINK
Rugby (can be edited) LINK
Neuralia CruisesShow details >
The handbook for the "Neuralia" Cruises, July and August 1933 PDF
PrizegivingsShow details >
The programme for the Distribution of Prizes, November 1948 PDF
Professor Ronald CoaseShow details >
A copy of The Law School Record, a magazine from the University of Chicago Law School, featuring Professor Ronald Coase receiving the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1991. PDF
More information on Ronald Coase can be found on Wikipedia. LINK
ProspectusShow details >
A copy of the Prospectus from 1937 PDF
Rugby ClubShow details >
The History of the Old Creightonians’ Rugby Club by Rodney Mason LINK
A Souvenir Progamme from 1969 PDF
Tables and Statistics from 1948/49 to 1973/74 PDF
40th Anniversary 1948-1988 Display 1 PDF
40th Anniversary 1948-1988 Display 2 PDF
Ampfield PDF
Haberdashers PDF
Winchester Tour 1988 PDF
Newspaper Cuttings PDF
Recruitment Poster PDF
School PhotographsShow details >

Panoramic Photographs

A section of one of the eight panoramic photographs which are available on the "Members Only" page.

Class Photographs 1933

The year 1933 saw the production of class photographs. These were put into small folders measuring 6¾ inches by 4¼ inches which were held shut with a metal press stud.  These are the photographs from these folders.
School Play ProgrammeShow details >
The programme from the KGS 41st Annual Shakespearean Production: "The Tempest" from December 1950. PDF
School ReportShow details >
A school report for one Arthur Pratley from 1927 PDF
Sports GroundShow details >
Letters regarding the sports ground, 1960 PDF
The Association StoryShow details >
The History of the KGSOBA PDF
Inaugural General Meeting in 1919 PDF
First Annual General Meeting in 1919 PDF
The Creightonian News SheetsShow details >
The Creightonian News Sheet - No 2 July 1940 PDF
The Creightonian News Sheet - No 4 November 1941 PDF
The Creightonian News Sheet - No 5 October 1945 PDF
The Creightonian News Sheet - No 6 February 1946 PDF
The Creightonian News Sheet - No 7 November 1946 PDF
The Creightonian News Sheet - No 8 June 1947 PDF
The Creightonian News Sheet - No 15 September 1950 PDF
The Old Creightonian MagazinesShow details >
The Old Creightonian - No 1 September 1937 PDF
The Old Creightonian - No 2 January 1938 PDF
War RecordsShow details >

War Records 1914-1918

Introduction to the Roll of Honour by Peter Reder and Neville Wrench LINK
Roll of Honour LINK

War Records 1939-1945

Handwritten notes about 459 Old Boys as recorded by Cliff Symes PDF
Press cuttings compiled by Cliff Symes PDF

The Order of Service for the Dedication of the War Memorial 1948 PDF
The War Years and later on - a personal reminiscence by Lawrence Fenton PDF
Youth House NorthamptonShow details >
News Sheet from Youth House Northampton, 1st December 1941 PDF